If we could go back in time and really look at where the spark first began for Michael Gresham & The Rotoscopers, we would probably begin sitting in a dark Visual Effects screening room in Vancouver at 8pm, with a couple guitars, Michael and Anna. It was late and they had both been working overtime everyday for weeks, but still wanted to play music badly, so after emailing back and forth, cancelling because of overtime and rescheduling, they finally decided to play some covers together and started to work on the song "Well She's My Love". Anna's ability to harmonize was so great, coming up with different vocal parts on the fly with ease. Anna is easy going and fun to be around but also very motivated. You will find her working late with her VFX Assets team, rehearsing and playing shows, recording, writing music, all while growing a baby inside her... Her abilities led her into White Hart Studio's to sing on all "Searching For The Pineapple Blues" songs. Even though the days were long and time was hard to find, Anna's experience and sweet voice fostered the seed that eventually grew to become the band.