In the ever changing and magical world of Visual Effects, you must be sharp to act, respectful to others and have the ability to adapt to a new role faster than a camera at 60 frames per second. This also describes who Shane Meehan is. Leaving his "Shire" like home of Fort Saskatchewan, Shane chose the adventure of rain over and across the snowy Rocky Mountains, in Vancouver. His initiative to expand and adapt has quickly led him to become a Rotoscope Supervisor at Double Negative VFX. Having that openness to adapt, Shane wanted to take on the challenge of playing Bass guitar with The Rotoscopers. His repertoire of films and music is uncanny, so watch yourself when you chat with him and you think you know something about a film, he'll have you beat. Come say hello at the next show and keep your eye out for Shane, his stage presence is known to be a crowd pleaser!